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|| WOGM Application || Quinnith Bambi Emiline || by Marclenia || WOGM Application || Quinnith Bambi Emiline || by Marclenia
For :iconwogm:
Revamping old Chars~ ^w^ The fun~
Will rewrite when i get my tablet back but until then, bases found from and

Basic Info

Blue Square Bullet Name: Quinnith Bambi Emiline
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Gender: Female Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] 
blue heart bullet Age: 22 years old
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U! Lycan Breed: Attentis
Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Marital Status: Single
Egg Bullet (SkyBlue) - F2U! Date of Birth: August 31st
turquoise heart bullet Place of Birth: Florence, Italy
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Sexual Orientation: Straight
Time Gear Bullet Likes: || Italy || Warm Weather || Contact with others || Pink Flower Flowers Pink Flower || Starbucks || Animals || Trains || Cooking || Children || Smell of Cigars ||:vodkala:Wine:vodkala:|| Candies || Fashion || Sunsets on the Beach || Modeling ||
Music Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U Dislikes: || Snowflake Cold Weather Snowflake || Ketchup || Clothes || Job Searching || Diet Soda || Soda sort of in General || Food Being Wasted || Rap Music || Having to Drive Places || All the Silly American Cartoons  || Lady Bug Bullet (Right) - F2U! Insects Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U! || Dirty Homes ||
Baby Blue Bullet Fears: || Lightning and Thunderstorms || Horror Movies || Things that go Bump in the Night ||
Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Weakness: || Has Allergies || Has a Weak Leg from an Incident as a Child ||
:bluebutterflybullet: Allergic to Silver: No

Human Details

Diamond Bullet Sea Green Race: Italian/Nordic
Indigo Bullet Height: 5 ft 5
Pawprint Bullet: Blue Eye Color: Light Blue
Thanks For Sharing MINT Bullet Hair Color: Dark Gingery Red
Blue Shoes Bullet Any other appearance information: || || Freckles over her cheek bones and over the bridge of her nose || Hair falls in Curls to Just Above her Shoulder Blades ||
Diamond Bullet Cyan Personality: || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Loving Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Chipper Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Maternal || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Intelligent Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Quick Tempered || Allocentric || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Genuine Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Humorous Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Loyal Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Sociable Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Tidy Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Gold Breezy Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Gold Obedient Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Orange Occasionally Stern Diamond Bullet Orange || Diamond Bullet Gold Slightly Anxious Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Gold Graceful Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Orange Vaguely Vulgar Diamond Bullet Orange || Diamond Bullet Orange Easily Discouraged Diamond Bullet Orange || Diamond Bullet Orange Forgetful Diamond Bullet Orange || Diamond Bullet Orange Possessive Diamond Bullet Orange || Diamond Bullet Gold Superstitious Diamond Bullet Gold ||

Wolf Form Details

Blue Bullet Class: || Weremote Bitten Weremote ||
Blue Bullet (Clockwise) Breed: ||  Apennine Wolf ||
bulletaqua Wolf Appearance: || Quin's Wolf is known for looking similarly to a fox coyote cross breed || Is  41 inches Long from Nose to Hips || Weighs 49 lbs || Build For Speed, Not Fighting || Has Pink Nose From Minor Scaring There||


Rainbow Dash Bullet History:
    Quin was born in Florence, Italy in 1992. She was the first born to Ezio and Adolphi Emiline, who were excited to have a new member to their little family. She was doted on and loved completely, being the priority of her stay at home mother, and was the light of her father's day. As she grew she would stay around to help her mother at the house, helping with cleaning and slowly learning how to cook. She did not go to her three years of Asilo, or nursery school. She instead just spent time with her mother and her mother's friends, along with her other family.

    When she turned 6 and started her Elementary School lessons, she was rewarded by a younger sister, named Fia because of her red hair, similar to Quin's. She learned all about the normal subjects, her basic English courses, along with her Musical arts, and Dance classes. In her free time she would watch over her young sister, helping her with her homework and doing other things with her.

    At age 14, she had finished all the schooling she needed to go into, deciding to not go to the higher classes and just stay at home to help her mother take care of the new baby brother, Nicoli along with watching her then 5 year old sister Aletta. Quin was content with watching the children, giving her mother time to go and do as she pleased whenever she wanted.

When she wasn't watching her siblings, she would often go out with friends and play around with her friends who had gotten into Photography. Quin didn't have the eye for the actual photo taking, but the girl was always attracted to the camera. Her picture was taken constantly and years later were used in one of her friends Art Portfolios as they went through the grade levels and up into college.

    When Quin was 17, her friend got into college and she got a modeling job. Italy being very Fashion Forward was always looking for women and men to show off the latest styles. Over the next few months, she grew in popularity and though she was not very well known by name, but her face was widely known and can still be by some of the fashion oriented people. This career didn't last long, but she enjoyed it and would have loved to continue it but she was unable to.

    On her 19th birthday, her and her friends went out to and had fun all night. They had a bit to much to drink and had been walking back to her to her house when something jumped them. The sounds terrified her, the others merely laughing at her stupid fears. But they didn't get to laugh longer. The sounds showed themselves soon enough.

    From the shadows slunk 3 wolves. Their pelts were dark, but their eyes seemed to glow as they reflected the light coming from the streetlights and the moon above them. They were all a bit to drunk to completely understand. And when they did they couldn't focus enough to get away. The Wolves stalked towards them and before long they were lunging at them, taking them down easily one at a time. Quin watched in fear and tried to run but the alcohol in her system made it hard for her to focus and leave.
    They got a hold of her, tearing at her clothes and biting over her shoulders before they were spoked by the lights of a car,  someone coming to check the commotion. She was left alone, bleeding and writhing on the ground, feeling dizzy and hurt. Before long she was managing to drag herself into the woods, unable to really focus on why she was leaving the help that was coming but all she knew is she didn't want to be there.

    When she finally got herself into the ally where she forced felt her form start to shift and change, her body screaming in protest at her as she let out loud labored breaths. She could feel the pain in her bones and the ache that was filling her.

    This continued for a few days, the shifting back and forth in pain before one day she woke to find that the shifting wasn't happening constantly...but it hadn't stopped. She was able to shift more easily, controlling it so she didn't have to hide constantly. She went to her parents, unable to bear the thought of them all thinking she was dead. She went to them, telling them some story of being attacked and mugged. Though they tried to comfort her, she told them that she had to leave the country. She couldn't be around the place where she had been hurt, though in reality she was just scared of hurting them. She told them she would visit, and before the end of the week, she was out in America.

She lived on her own for a while, close to a year or so. In this time she learned what she needed to be accepted into America more easily. She brushing up on her English was the major pass time, along with getting a bit better of an education, though only up to the average 10th grade level. Eventually she caught wind of some pack up in north. She didn't know if it was real, but she wanted to see for sure. So she packed up once again and headed towards Canada. After a month of searching, she finally located the pack and has been with them ever since.

Blue Emerald Bullet Other: || She is ranked as a Phi || Has two pets Pippa Lee and Viola Mai || Misses her Family Dearly || Occasionally will disappear on a trip to Italy || She is the Oldest of her Family, Her Siblings Who are Now 17, 14, and 9  || Is Unemployed Now, But Quin was a Model for a 2 Years Back in Italy ||

Bullet; Blue Relationships: ( visit this for instructions)
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