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Name: Samuel Cottar 

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Species: Human

Martial Status: Single 

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Description: Standing at 6'3, Samuel is a generally attractive man. Living in the circus has caused him to get rugged, his hands calloused from work and age. His skin is tanned to a golden brown from long hours out in the sun. His ashy brown hair is cropped short and slicked to the side normally, in the traditional way of the time. His jaw normally has stubble since he forgets to shave quite frequently. He has hazel green eyes, that are often shadowed by his brow or his hat. His hands and arms are littered with scars, along with his chest and back. His tan cuts off around his biceps, but his face and neck is tanner than the rest of him by a few shades. His family is originally from England, so he does have a slight accent to him, that gets thicker when he gets excited, angry, etc. 

Personality: Samuel is a good man. He doesn't like tricking the people around him and he prefers to be honest. Of course with the job he has and the time they live in this is impossible. He lies quite often, about the money they have, about the reasons they can't be paid. He can be very reclusive as well, trying to keep all of the stress and other things hidden from the rest of the workers. Without his brothers their to help support him and tell him what to do, he finds it easier to just hide away all of his problems. Though he is a kind man, and very approachable at times, he can have a short temper depending on the chord that is hit, (like his family, or the budget), and he can get very frustrated. When the stress piles up onto him, he will break down, usually resulting in smashing things or screaming at anyone that is near by. The next day after this has happened, he will usually apologize and give bonuses to those who were hurt or afflicted by his actions. He can be a bit of a jealous person, but he does not date really since he feels he would not be good enough for anyone. He also has quite a bit of trust issues because of the fact his brothers running out when things got tough. 

Samuel is a fairly easy man to please. He enjoys profit, obviously, and is often finding ways to save money, or to gain more of it. He also enjoys watching his performers and the animal acts. He can be found sitting in the ring and just watching the actors practice and giving his two cents when he feels it's needed. He enjoys company but at the same time is cautious of it since he knows that since he is the owner of the circus, individuals might try to suck up to him for better pay. He dislikes cold, and will often have his room with the air conditioning basically off since the cold irritates him. He finds it irritating when others are to complain and will get very short with them if they claim he is not trying his hardest. He dislikes most circus food honestly, like the sweets and greasy foods, and if he is able will go out and get 'real' food. 

Strength/Weakness: |
Samuel's strengths would have to be his leadership. He leads his group in a strong way that usually allows most to like him and find comfort in him. He checks on his workers constantly and even if there is a problem, he might spread a little lie to keep everyone at ease. He is also known for his hopeful nature. Even when a show does badly, their is little turn out, or something of the sort, he is always pushing on. He is able to bring up the hopes of the workers so that they do not feel like their life that they know might possibly be crumbling out from under them.||| His weakness would have to be his presentation. His self-regulation, the way he presents himself to the outside public and his staff can be very forced. He doesn't like his staff knowing if they are in trouble, if they have someone in their midst that are causing issues or are possibly even if they are close to bankruptcy, he will never say a word about it. He will look the same if his circus is getting in massive amounts of revenue, or if it is hundreds of dollars in debt. His standards can also be quite strict. He wants his circus to be spectacular and because of this when he watches those around or notices different routines. If he thinks that it doesn't fit up to his standards, he will make sure that he pushes and watches the act until it fits what his image of the act should be.|

Ability?: || Shadowmancing || Since he was a young boy, Samuel has been able to move and control the darkness around them. He could pulled the shadows to make stories or frighten his brothers. Now that he is the Ringmaster, he uses his powers to create an atmosphere for his audience, showing off stories and tricking the eye around him to make sure that the crowd stays entertained between the acts or while they wait for different parts of the show to start. 

Circus Life

Laborer or Performer? Performer

If Performer, What Act and Performance?: Ringmaster/Owner of the Circus. 

If Laborer, What Do They Do?:

History Before Joining The Circus:
Back when Samuel was younger, he had always enjoyed the circus's. His family was from the northern part of England, and they had seen traveling circuses since they could remember. When they traveled to America, back when Samuel was merely around 7 or 8, they were very disappointed to see they didn't have much of the same entertainment. His older brothers, Russel-5 years his senior, and Floyd-9 years his senior, remembered the Circus more vividly than he did. On the family farm, they would train their work horses to go without bridles, taught the dogs to jump through hoops, and the cats pretend to be lions and they would play for hours upon hours. They would talk about getting their own circus, getting elephants and pretty girls to perform. 
        When they got older, Samuel was around 16 or so, and his brothers were in their 20's, Floyd came home with some great news. He had gotten a job on a circus. He had gotten to be a Ringmaster, he was in the midst of it all and he could get them jobs as well. The brothers were exuberant. Samuel and Russel packed up quickly, they sad goodbye to their parents who they promised to write to, and they were off. Russel got a job backstage, cleaning stalls and anything else that needed cleaning but Samuel...Samuel was a performer. He at first would do a booth, pretending to use shadow puppets to tell stories on the walls and got good revenue. But they became popular enough that he got an act with a few clowns and a girl who rode a white horse and it was stunning. He loved the cheers and the way that they came up to him after the show and congratulated him, told him it was their favorite. He basked in it and grew to love being in the lime light. 
        It all went down hill when the owner of the circus got sick. They stopped being paid well. All the money was going to keeping the man well. Animals were being sold and acts being left behind and Red-lighted every other week. Him and his siblings were lucky that they had been saved for so long. This continued on for another month or so...
        Then the owner died. 
        And Floyd ran out to find his brothers with the deed of the circus in his hand. 

History After Joining The Circus: 
Floyd had managed to get the Circus owner to pass it on to him. With quick promises of keeping it running and making sure to keep people safe, he had gotten the deed. The next morning they announced to the rest of the performers and laborers of the shift in power. Some left, others were excited thinking that with a new owner they would be back to how they had been before he got sick. 
        They weren't wrong. They did well for quite some time. By the time Samuel turned 28, they had a good lift set up for them all. They had grown and Floyd was working as a good owner and Ringmaster, Samuel the performers in line, and Russel kept all the laborers in line. The brothers were a wonderful team. Each could do something the others couldn't and together they ran a lovely, clean, and spectacular show. 
        But then the stock market crashed. People didn't understand and they all panicked. Saving money, trying to keep everything. nothing really changed for the circus at first. They didn't keep money in banks. They did notice it as people realized the struggles. They stopped trying to go to shows. They stopped being able to go to shows. The laborers couldn't be paid anymore. The performers weren't able to be paid much anymore. The animals couldn't be fed. People were leaving quicker than they were joining and the brothers were losing out on a large amount of money. 
        Russel left in the middle of the night. He took what little cash he had and ran. Other laborers went with him. A letter told his family that he was sorry but he was going back to their parents. To make sure they were okay. Floyd panicked. 
        He tried to persuade Samuel to run. To leave these people behind. It was common, they did it all the time. You could see them on there commute. The people begging to jump on to show off their talents. Someone would pick these guys up. 
        Samuel hated the idea. These people had done nothing could kill them if they left them out here. He didn't want to be held responsible for that, no not at all...if he just left them behind...
        Floyd on the other hand didn't care. He ran off as well. To go and check on the family and then go start over. A new life. This was a bad idea. They should have known it was a bad idea. He left the papers that passed on the ownership of the circus to Samuel. The performers ran. The Laborers ran. Everyone was leaving and Samuel didn't stop them. He didn't want to abandon them but he knew he couldn't stop them from leaving him. So he watched as they grew sparse...
        But then something happened. They stopped to rest in a town, and the people that lived their all came running to see what was going on. They asked if there was a show. Samuel was going to say no, but he saw these people running around and pulling out coins from their pockets and making sure they had enough. Heard them talk about how they hadn't seen a circus in what felt like years. They missed them. They would pay as much as they could to get in. 
        And that was when Samuel knew he couldn't just abandon his little moving home like his brothers had. He knew he had to keep pushing on and had to try harder than ever. 
        Everyone deserved to see one of the most spectacular shows on earth. 




 Bucephalus, Named after Alexander the Great's horse. Nicknamed Ox

Horse, Knabstrupper Frisian cross 

12 years of age. 


Appearance: Look at photo

Personality: Ox is a pretty heavy duty horse. He stands at 16.3, so he isn't the kind of horse you would wish to have upset with you. Because he is still an intact male, if he is allowed near too many females, he will get antsy and aggressive. He usually needs a firm hand and if he notices that he is frightening someone he will take complete advantage of it. With Samuel, he looks like he is easy to control, but it is mainly because Sam is quite tough and rough with him and Ox is very respectful of him usually. He has to be put in his own stall and is usually loaded up in a separate area than the other horses because he is known to bite and kick at them. 


Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time.

Rp Preference: Will roleplay anywhere. 

I created a new group recently. Its called CottarsFamilyCircus and it's a, you guessed it, circus rp group. The circus is based off of the 1930s, which had the great depression so money was tighter, which adds lots of fun drama. Also, it isn't all average either~ The acts in the Cottar Bros Circus are so spectacular, the barely seem to be human....

So yeah if your interested please check it out it would really mean a lot to me. If you have people who might be interested, even if you aren't, that would also be great too. 

So Thanks again!

And we hope to see you at the circus~

|| KKT Application || Ashlynn Everly || by Marclenia
|| KKT Application || Ashlynn Everly ||
for :iconkittykattytown:

[ General Identification ]

» Name: || Ashlynn P. Everly ||
» Nickname[s]: || Ash || Lynn ||

» Gender: || Female ||
» Age: || 22 ||
» Birthday: || May 8th ||

» Species: || Canine ||
» Breed: || Cataloha  Mix ||

» Occupation: || Employee At Kits n' Pups Day Care ||

[ Personal Information ]

» Personality: || Loving || Hyper || Childish || Intelligent || Funny (or tries to be) || Has a Quick Temper if Pushed Enough || Emotional || Trusting || Shy || Nervous || Self Concious || Absent Minded ||

» History: || Was an average pup with an average life. She had a nice family and was a loved only child and was given everything she could ever wish for. Though, in middle school, her metabolism went a bit crazy, going from vry slow, to very fast and alternating quite a bit as she went through her public schooling. Because of this, she was often teased and claimed to have eating disorders, though she ate the same as she always had. It caused her to be less hyper and loving, and much shier and nervous around people. When she got into college, it all settled down after talking to her doctor to figure out what to do. so her weight became consistent finally which helped her become more confident and comfortable.

» Likes: || Children || Sweets || Cooking || Family || Cuddling || The Ocean || Decorating || Flowers (though she is deadly to them) || Playing || Drawing || Painting || Talking || Hugs ||
» Dislikes: || Comments about her weight || Getting talked about in general || People thinking she's Lying ||Staying Home Alone || Scary Movies || Parents Blaming her for there Children's mistakes || Pity ||

» Talents: || Flexible from her younger years of being a dancer, leaving her to be quite graceful ||
» Flaws: || She can be severely obnoxious without meaning to be, which can cause people to be quite agitated with her very quickly ||

[ Relationship Information ]

» Orientation:  || Straight ||
» Status:  || Taken (?) ||
» Significant Other: -

» Current Attraction[s]: Harlen

» Family: || Father, Mother ||

» Relationship[s]:
| Father | "I love my daddy~ Always have and always will~"
| Mother | "Momma and I have always been very close. I think of her more as a best friend then a mom."
|Harlen| "Um...well...*blushes* I don't know what to say...He's absolutely amazing...he's super sweet and caring and just adorable. He treats me sweet and...Don't tell anyone but I'm falling fast ok...?"

[ Additional Information ]

» Extra[s]: || Always has her bag on her, filled to the brim with random objects || Usually also wearing her necklace with a pearl on it from her father ||
|| 10-6th Event || Halloween Costume || by Marclenia
|| 10-6th Event || Halloween Costume ||
for :icon10-6th:

Emmexi's halloween costume! She decided she would dress up as a deer and i think she looks lovely~ She had fun with it.

Again its late cause i was out to late last night >< but whatever! Happy Belated Halloween!
|| 10-6th Event || Pumpkin Hunt and Carving || by Marclenia
|| 10-6th Event || Pumpkin Hunt and Carving ||
for :icon10-6ths:

Little Emmexi went out and carved pumpkins cause I was bored. The little cluts almost cut off a finger or two along the way but she survived luckily!

I know its a little late but I was gone last night and to tired when I got home so >< Happy Belated Halloween.


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HI! I'm Marceline, but you can call me Marci. Either way, I'm a student and I like to draw. So yep. That's me :D Please check out my Gallery and comment! I would love the critique.

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