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|| 10-6th Application || Emmexi || by Marclenia
|| 10-6th Application || Emmexi ||
For the group :icon10-6ths:

Art By SailorJager

Character by Marclenia

General Info

Name: || Emmexi ||
Bullet; Blue Nickname: || Em || Emme ||
|| July 22nd ||
Heart Animation Age: || 17 ||
black heart bullet Relation Status: || Single ||
Teal Bullet Sexual Orientation: || Heterosexual ||


Teal Gem P.O.E.:
|| The Fault Line ||
small heart - light grey Element: || Stone ||
Shiny Heart Light Teal Element Description: || Though Her Body is Weak, It Has Found A Defense For Her In Fights. When She Concentrates, She Is Able To Turn Her Body To Stone To Defend Herself. She Is Able To Change Certain Body Parts To Stone To Punch Or Kick An Enemy, But Can Change Her Whole Body At Once To Us As A Defense As Well. If She Is Holding An Object ||
small heart - aqua Weapon: || Violin || In Battle She Is Able To Run The Bow Over The Strings, Making It Screech To Disorient And Stun An Enemy. After This, She Would Turn The Violin To Stone And Use It To Smash Over Someones Head ||
:blackbluefire: HomeWorld: || Les Cite Des Clonches ||
 Theme Song!: || Cactus In The Valley By Lights ||
Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U Somebody: || Emmie ||


Blue Square Bullet Gender: || Female ||
blue heart bullet Species: || Human ||
Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Eye Color: || Heterchromic  || Left Eye Blue || Right Eye Is Green ||
:blackfire: Hair Color: || Dark Ashy Brown ||
Cat Bullet Black Height: || 4 foot 11 inches ||
:bluewhitefire: Weight: || 90 lbs ||

Personal Info

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Occupation:
|| No Real Profession, But Dances And Plays Her Violin For Money On The Streets Occasionally ||
Bullet; Black Education: || Street Smarts, But Probably Couldn't Do A Math Problem Out ||
Pawprint Bullet: Blue Personality: ||Diamond Bullet Gold Shy Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Nervous Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Gold Childish Diamond Bullet Gold ||Diamond Bullet Red Has Loner Tendencies Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Protective Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Excitable Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Motherly Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Sweet Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Gentle Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Red Messy Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Agreeable Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Benevolent Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Cooperative Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Ebullient Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Dynamic Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Optimistic Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Tolerant Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Placid Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Soft Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Submissive Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Gold Absent Minded Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Brittle Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red  Emotional Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red Mawkish Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red Weak-Willed Diamond Bullet Red ||

:blackgreenfire: Positive Traits: (3 minimum)
|| Loyal ||
|| Impartial ||
|| Convivial ||

:blackflame: Negative Traits: (3 minimum)
|| Finicky ||
|| Timid ||
|| Spacey ||

General Histories

small heart - blue Somebody History:

    As a somebody, Emmie was a very fragile person. Her bones were brittle and her voice was to soft and a bit broken. She did not enjoy this but had fun playing with the other Gypsy girls. While she was young, she had always had fun dancing with the other girls and had always been quite...graceful to an extent. Of course your grace started to falter the more a join is broken and soon she was clumsy as she spun around with the other girls. Of course this didn't stop her from dancing, and she still got looks and coins from others pity and her looks, along with how much she had with the others. She would stumble and hit the ground half the time and bounce back up to just continue with what they were doing, the onlookers laughing and clapping for her.
    During her time when she was away from the lively streets she just stayed with her family, watching over the children and helping with chores, something she had always done till her last day.
    She had been out with her family, helping out in the market and wrangling the children, bartering and bantering with the others around her when she saw a child run off to look at the gargoyles. Emmie noticed and followed her, chastising the child for running off. The child spoke of the gargoyles moving of how they were real and living things. Emmie humored her and nodded before sending her off back with the family, glancing over her shoulder absently. She paused.
    Had that gargoyle just...?
    She didn't have time to respond as the gargoyle dove from its perch, a sword in its hand as it swung it at her body without a second thought.
    She didn't even notice the sword through her chest until she was already gone.

Beating Heart - Black Nobody History:
    Emmexi woke up in Les Cite Des Clonches hidden away in the back allies. She didn't completely understand what had happened to her and forced herself up to go and find her family. She had a strange feeling in her gut, an absence she wasn't used to. She found her family once more and called out to them, asking for them to tell her what had happened.
    They hated her. They didn't want a thing to do with her, and shouted at her to get away from their family and children. She didn't understand as she stumbled back from them, blinking at them and shouting softly for them to understand...
    They didn't.
    She left quickly. She couldn't understand what had happened and why they had sent her away, why she had become an outcast from her family. They had been all she had and all she was and...and now...
    Now she was nobody.

Optional Info

Pawprint Bullet: Black Talents:
|| She Can Play Violin Quite Beautifully || Her Dancing Is Quite Graceful When She Concentrates ||
:rainbowsheep: Distinguishing Marks: || Has Scar Over The Left Half Of Her Face, Starting Just Under her left Nostril, Going Over Her Lips And Stopping At Her Jaw Line ||
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Biggest Fear:
|| That Her Body Will Give Out And Will Break Beyond Repair ||
: Mechanichal-Kitteh Poison Black Heart : Other: || Has a Case Of Osteogenisis Imperfecta IV Meaning That Her Bones Are Brittle And Thinner Than Average And Are More Likely To Break ||
|| WOGM Application || Brielle Alys Chamberlain || by Marclenia
|| WOGM Application || Brielle Alys Chamberlain ||
Fox Creator Used
Human Made by: AliceNevermore


Paw Bullet White (Outline) - F2U! Name: || Brielle Alys Chamberlain ||
Bullet; White Gender: || Female ||
Bone Bullet (Outline) - F2U! Age: || 254 || Only Looks 17 ||
:bulletgrey: Lycan Breed: || Attentis ||
white heart bullet Marital Status: || Widow ||
Arrow Bullet (Gray) - F2U! Date of Birth: || July 17th, 1758 ||
Place of Birth: || Seine-Maritime, Upper Normandy, France ||
silver bullet Sexual Orientation: || Straight ||
Pawprint Bullet: Grey/Silver Likes: || The air after it rains || Soft Blankets || Cozy Homes || Reading late at night || Socializing || Being Touched, Pet, and Held || Cooking || Music || Organizing || The Night Sky || Gentle People || Lady Bugs || Colors like this,along with soft yellows and gentle greens || Making herself look pretty || Her Stuffed Lamb || The Ocean || Robin's Eggs || Singing || Mending ||
Bone Bullet (Up:Outline) - F2U! Dislikes: || The Cold || The Dark || Silence || Fighting || Conflict || Overly Dominant People || Show Offs || Dark Colors || Scary Movies || Urban Legends || War || Shouting || Weapons || Being Called Posh or Prudish || The Ocean on Stormy Days || Boats || Loud Noises (like a bomb or gun fire going off) ||
Pawprint Bullet: Black Fears: || Loosing those Close to Her Again || Heights || The Ocean || Deep Water ||
grey heart bullet Weakness: || Is Known To Have Panic Attacks When Triggered ||
Glittering Gem Bullet (Gray) - F2U Allergic to Silver: || No ||

Human Details

Silver Square Bullet Race: || French || British ||
My Purple Bullet - F2U! Height: || 5 Foot 6.5 Inches || 168.91 cm ||
Dragon Egg Grey Eye Color: || Blue ||
.: COM: Grey Cat:. Hair Color: || Honey Blonde ||
Heart Bullet (DL's Purple) - F2U! Any other appearance information: || Her Face Is Freckled And Small || Wears Very Modest Clothing, Most Of Her Clothing The Same From When She Was Still Human Or Been Collected From The Other Decades, Specifically the 1810s-1820's and 1920-1950's ||
Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Personality: || Diamond Bullet Gold Allocentric Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Compassionate Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Courteous Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Dedicated Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Earnest Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Faithful Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Generous Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Good-Natured Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Quiet Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Compliant Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Submissive Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Lovable Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Honest Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Wise Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Modest Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Neat Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Patient Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Cute Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Soft Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Anxious Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red Easily Discouraged Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Gold Jealous Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Fearful Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Gold Sort of Posh Diamond Bullet Gold|| Diamond Bullet Bright Green Articulate Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Nurturing Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Stuborn Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Depressed Diamond Bullet Red ||

Wolf Form Details

Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Class: || Bitten ||
Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U! Breed: || European Grey Wolf ||
Cat Bullet Black Wolf Appearance: || Her Face Is Small Along With The Rest of Her Body || On The Left Side Of Her Chest, There Is A Small Gap Out Of The White. She Claims That Is The Missing Piece Of Her Heart. ||

More General

Star Grey History:
    Brielle Leighton was born in 1758 on July 17th in Upper Normandy, France. She was born sickly like most other kids at the time were born. She was the youngest daughter of a home that had 3 other children in it already. Her parents were kind, but not around often. Since they were wealthier, they had nannies to watch there children. Her eldest brother was 10 years older than she, and her middle brother was 7 years older, and her sister a mere 3 years.
    Though she was born in France, when she turned 7 her family picked up and moved down to England for some reason she couldn't really understand. She was still Fluent in French, and took a little bit to pick up the strange accent and language.
    She grew up learning all that the girls around her were supposed to learn. How to be proper and how to be just as beautiful as ever. That seemed to be what they all wanted of her. Her round face and pale skin was someting that many people loved. Her blonde hair just added to her complexion. She wanted to be more than just a little doll though. So when her nannies were around, she would beg to be taught the things they knew. She learned to cook from them, how to mend and make clothing, even just the basic cleaning. She would love to help and everyone just batted an eye at her and never informed her parents of it.
    When she turned 14 though, she was old enough to be married off. Her family was not one for an arranged marriage or anything, but they did want a say. So they began introducing her to men. Some old, some young, some that she just couldn't stand. They all just wanted her to keep quiet. When she opened her mouth, they would gently pat her on the head and basically ignore her to look her over more and speak to her parents.
    She hated it. The dresses she was forced into hurt her ribs and by the end of the first year of it, each one of them being rejected, she had had enough. So in the night, fully intent on leaving her family for good, she slid from her room and ran. She wasn't thinking of the danger of being a young girl out at night, she wasn't thinking of her siblings....she just didn't want to be some pet. She made it to the ocean, having always loved how it smelt in the air. The brine, the mist hitting her skin...
    She almost screamed when someone touched her shoulder.
    They instantly jumped back and apologized, claiming that they had not meant to startle her. She turned to yell at him but when she saw him she had no words. Love at first sight was something that could describe the moment for her. The man before her was young, not exceedingly older than her but younger than basically every man that her family had set her up with. He looked at her in a way of concern and not in a way that he was purchasing a mule. He was handsome and tall, and in the light of the moon....
    His name was Alvin Bailey Chamberlain. He was 7 years her senior, but he didn't treat her like he was better than her. He was just who he was and she was she. He didn't know of her wealthy family and he didn't ask. The pair just watched eachother and talked for what felt like years, but was only a few measly hours. When the sun started to peak over the edge of the calm ocean, he walked her back home.
    The next day she couldn't stop thinking of the man that had found her. She just stayed in her room, picking at her food and just staring out her window at the ocean which seemed so much lovelier now.
    He couldn't stop thinking of her as well since by 7 that evening he had appeared at her house once more, dressed in his Military Attire and asking her father's permission to court her. And, being the man had such a nice Military standing, he said yes.
    The pair couldn't have been happier. They had the best of times just being in each others company. For the good portion of her courtship, they barely touched, only an occasional touch on the hand or a hug if he was to be leaving. But neither seemed to mind. They courted for a year, a year of blissful peace and love before it got hard.
    The American Colonies that they ruled were getting restless. Starting to get annoyed and angered with there treatment. For a while Alvin and Brielle could just ignore it, it didn't effect there little world. Until it did. He had to be pulled and go back for training in case it got to severe. He promised her the day he left he would come back and they could be happy together again. And she believed it.
    And he did return. His training took a mere month and when he came back be brought her a lovely gift. He proposed to her. He gave her a ring, a beautiful rosy brass color with a clear jewel on it. Brielle was ecstatic. She said yes and the pair was planning the wedding in an instant.
    It wasn't fast enough though.
    He was deployed a month later. She went out to see him go and before he left, they promised to try and keep in touch. She would send letters as best she could and just wait for him to come back to her. That day held there first kiss. He held her tight and she clung to him like her life depended on it. She hadn't even noticed that she was crying before he pulled away and caught her tears on his hand and promised to return.
    And then he was gone.
    She was stowed away in her room for a week just missing him, not sure what to do with her life anymore. And she jsut sorta floated through her life after that.
    8 weeks after he left, a letter was at her home addressed to her. And those letters became what she was always waiting for. She would read them over and over, able to hear the words he wrote as she read them. She would ask her nanny to help her read them, and then help her respond to them. And then she would wait. It continued for a year, then writing and reading and waiting. And then they stilled. It took longer for a letter to come. She grew nervous but new better. The ocean had grown restless, thrashing and storming and roaring in the night.
    The ships came with soldiers a week later. She saw them getting off and couldn't wait, just ran out there to try and find him. She hadn't been told that he was coming home but...maybe it was a surprise...the letter had been lost in the mail...something. Something.
    The mail carrier saw her as she rushed down, handing her the letter she had been waiting for. She read it and her heart lfited with joy. It stated he was coming home. He was going to be by her side in a mater of weeks and he wouldn't leave again. He would be done with the military and they could be together once again.
    She ran to the docks and shouted his name, getting glares and stares for those around her. She looked around and waited for hours. She grew nervous and by the time the sun was setting, she returned home, saying that he was just delayed...
    She said this to herself for 3 weeks before she gave up. The ocean had been angry...she had heard from other soldiers that some ships...hadn't made it.
    She cried for days. She ignored her family, she barely even ate. She missed him terribly, and some part of her seemed to be keeping up hope because every day her chest hurt more when he didn't appear.
    The 17 year old girl was lost. She didn't want to look at the other men around her and she didn't want to live in a world like this...without the love of her life...why in the wold god had forsaken...
    She was filled with anger as she noticed it. God. The man she had devoted her life to since she was a young girl just like she was told. He was to keep her safe and happy if she was to believe in him. She had never once faulted in her faith and still she was left grieving...She ran from her house that night, screaming into the air once she was in the woods.
    "What did I do wrong?! In what way have I sinned to cause you to punish me!" She shrieked angrily. "You just want to hurt me! You don't care about us! You just watch us to see us suffer! Hell you probably aren't even real!" She screamed into the night, tears rolling hot down her cheeks. "No, how could you be real! You never cred! You never will! If you are even watching take away my humanity for I can't live this way anymore!"
She collapsed on the ground and finally just sobbed. But her words were enough. They had attracted that of a lonely wolf who was just searching for a companion...And he seemed to find one.
    He was careful when he appeared before her and quick when he bit into her and pinned her there so she couldn't run away. She screamed and cried and even though she wasn't sure anymore she cried out for god to save her to forgive her.
    Of course it was to late for her. a few days later after her shifting had calmed down, the man that had bitten her finally let her go, explaining to her what had happened. She was a wolf now. His name was Jenson. He was sorry to have forced her into this life but he was so lonely.
    She just sorta...nodded. She didn't know what else to do about it. She just wanted to get away from this town and her old life. She he happily took her away. That night she slid into her home and collected all her items that she wanted to keep. His letters. Her ring. Everything she had that reminded her of him. She packed it all away and brought it with her.
    And so the pair traveled. They left England and went to live out in France, where they hid out for a few years before once again leaving. They did this like clockwork. Stay in some place for a few years. Leave. Her and Jenson posed as everything. Father, daughter. Brother, sister. The Pair was Courting. Very rarely did they ever pose as husband and wife. Jenson wanted to. He liked her, thought she was lovely...but she couldn't stop herself from feeling like she was betraying Alvin. So, after almost two centuries of them being together, when he asked for her to mate him, she said no.
    And then once again, she ran. She felt horrible for saying no to him but she couldn't stand keeping him with her if she was only to hurt him. So she traveled to America and was quick to travel north, so used to being in colder weather. She was traveling through Canada when she came across The Manor. And she was quick to sink into the home and be accepted by a family once more.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Other: || Is Always Seen Wearing Her Old Wedding Ring || Is Known For Praying or Carrying Around Prayer Beads || She Took Her Fiance's Name When Coming To The Manor ||

Relationships: ( visit this for instructions)
|| WOGM Application || Emeline Payt Calvin || by Marclenia
|| WOGM Application || Emeline Payt Calvin ||
For :iconwogm:
Images from

Blue Square Bullet Name: Emeline Payt Calvin Cute Emoticon Blushing 
Bullet; Green Gender: Female
Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U Age: 18
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Lycan Breed: Docilis
blue heart bullet Marital Status:
Happily Married :PinkBummy: 
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U! Date of Birth:  April 17th 1996
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Place of Birth: Deep Haven, Minnesota
Bullet Blue Sexual Orientation: Straight
blue square Likes:  || Relaxing || Sleeping In || Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Animals Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] || Listening To People Speak || Jeffery || Princess La Feeling Like A Princess Princess La || Reading || Drawing ||
Baby Blue Bullet Dislikes:  || Confrontation || Drugs || :scared: The Dark :scared: || Public Speaking || Having To Talk || Broken Bones || Spicy Food || Fappy Cry Drama Fappy Cry ||
Dull Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Fears:  || The Dark || Being Left Alone || Heights ||
Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Weakness:  || Has Stage IV Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Causing Her Bones And Teeth To Be Very Brittle, Along With Her Size Being Very Small || The Imperfecta Has Also Affected Her Vocal Chords, Making It Very Hard For Her To Speak ||
green heart bullet Allergic to Silver: No

Human Details

Green Square Bullet Race: Caucasian
Bullet; Blue Height:  4 ft. 11 :skip: 
turquoise heart bullet Eye Color: || Hetrochromic, Right Eye Is Green While Her Left Eye Is Blue ||
Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Any other appearance information:  || Has Scar Over The Left Half Of Her Face, Starting Just Under her left Nostril, Going Over Her Lips And Stopping At Her Jaw Line || Her Are Hetrochromic, Making Them Look Very Different And Pretty || Her Face Is Freckly ||
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Personality: || Diamond Bullet Red Mute Diamond Bullet Red ||Diamond Bullet Gold Shy Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Nervous Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Gold Childish Diamond Bullet Gold ||Diamond Bullet Red Has Loner Tendencies Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Protective Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Excitable Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Motherly Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Sweet Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Gentle Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Red Messy Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Agreeable Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Benevolent Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Cooperative Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Ebullient Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Dynamic Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Optimistic Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Tolerant Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Bright Green Placid Diamond Bullet Bright Green || Diamond Bullet Gold Soft Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Submissive Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Gold Absent Minded Diamond Bullet Gold || Diamond Bullet Red Brittle Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red  Emotional Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red Mawkish Diamond Bullet Red || Diamond Bullet Red Weak-Willed Diamond Bullet Red ||

Wolf Form Details

Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U! Class: || Bitten ||
Breed:  || Timber Wolf ||
turquoise heart bullet Wolf Appearance: || A Pretty Brown She Wolf, Being Very Small, Similar To A Small Coyote's Size ||


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! History: 
    Emeline Payt Litz was born into a small, poverty filled house hold. They were happy, but there belongings were meager and their life was not as good as it could have been. When she was born she was diagnosed with Type IV Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This caused her body to be smaller, her bones to break more easily, and her respiratory system to be quite a bit weaker than others. Her parents were swarmed with medical bills from it, and couldn't afford casting broken limbs constantly, bringing her in every time she took a wrong step.
    Her father was home less, her mother was struggling but they managed to keep up with her. Because of the childhood burden of seeing her parents' struggle, she tried to be selfless. She would stay still for longer, do things that couldn't injure her and was careful every other moment. Soon there money trouble seemed to go away. Her father was still gone often, but her mother was around more and energized than Emme had ever remembered. It was odd but she was happy that she was allowed to do as she pleased again.
    Of course this meant her body was breaking more easily again, and the dust and mold in there apartment had destroyed her respiratory system and her voice had slipped away. She eventually just started to get quieter, only speaking when she had too.
    Her mother became pregnant again when she was 10. She was happy to have siblings to hang around with and take care of. She had always loved children but was unable to watch them since many people never wanted the girl that was more fragile than the children that were being watched. She went to every doctors appointment her mother had, looking at the baby as they grew and was even more ecstatic to see that they would be twins.
    The boys grew healthily and when her mother went in to have them, she couldn't have been more excited. Until both children where born addicted to heroin, showing the withdrawal symptoms in mere hours. The child protective services instantly sent people to search their home, and found thousands in drugs stashed away. They managed to catch her father distributing and obviously had caught their mother using.
    Emme was picked up by CPS and was taken to foster care with her two brothers instantly. They were easily picked up, chosen by a family who would just keep them around and love them for as long as they wanted. The little 11 year old Emeline was less likely to be taken. Having medical issues, being almost mute, and just having the background she did, not many looked to her. So she was put into Foster Care, bouncing from home to home for a little over 5 years.
    One night in her foster home, she stopped in the park to do homework and just be out of the way. She had always loved the park, and had found the place to be relaxing. But something was different this time. When she was there, it was hard for her to focus. She noticed some were lingering around her. She didn't like it really. So she got up earlier than normal to go home. As she did, she noticed a smaller girl running off into the woods, and some of those watching her had followed. It made her nervous, not sure what was going on exactly so she got up and followed after them. She didn't have anything to protect her. She just....was scared for the girl. So she went out and noticed where the girl had run off too.
    And that little girl was completely fine.
    She wasn't.
    The people surrounded her and the little girl before her just smiled as they shifted into the wolves they really were. They jumped her, pinning her down and having one bite her. They were shifting her for some reason...but they heard how brittle her bones were, feeling them threaten to break by just putting some weight on them. They couldn't keep such a weakling in there pack. So they left her.
    She screamed and sobbed as her body writhed in pain, trying her hardest to just get away. So eventually she forced herself onto her feet and ran. She ran as she shifted and she ran as she felt her brittle bones struggle until she finally couldn't run anymore. She was lucky that a pack found her and took her in, nursing her back to health, being as sweet and kind to her as they could be.
    And it was there that she met the love of her life. Between picking up her adored pets, she met the most amazing man seh could have ever dreamed to meet. Jeffery Calvin treated her like a princess from day one and when he proposed to her, she couldn't help but say yes. They left there pack, traveling across the US before returning to Canada in search of a new pack to live in. Virtus Lumon was absolutely perfect for them and they were content to start living out there new life together.

:bluebutterflybullet: Other:  || Is Ranked As A Psi || Has Two Pet Munchkin Cats Named Autymn and Hunter ||
Indigo Bullet Relationships: ( visit this for instructions)
|| WOGM Application || Kyler Reid Davis || by Marclenia
|| WOGM Application || Kyler Reid Davis ||
into :iconwogm:


Yellow Square Bullet Name: Kyler Reid Davis onion head "smoke" 
Bullet; Yellow Gender: Male
Fire Bullet - F2U! Age: 26
Orange Kitty -Sprite- Lycan Breed: Assertorium
orange heart bullet Marital Status: Single
Bullet; Orange Date of Birth: October 18th, 1988
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Place of Birth: Yukon, Canada
.:Bullet:. Patreon Sexual Orientation: Straight
Peach Dot Bullet - F2U! Likes: || :smoke: Cigarettes :smoke: || Independence || Bars || Sports || Video Games, Particularly First Person Shooters || Take Out Food || Animals, to an Extent || Night || Beer || Sex || Drugs || Coffeecup Black Coffee Coffeecup || His Lighter ||
Gold bullet Dislikes: || Crowds || Loud Noises (the irony) || Confined Spaces || :vodkala: Vodka :vodkala: || Drugs (it's complicated ) || :candycorn: Overly Sweet Food :candycorn: || Mornings || Being Late || Being Alone in a Place He Doesn't Know ||
Orange Bullet Fears: || Being Abandoned By Those He Cares For || He Also Might Be Afraid Of The Dentist ||
Paw Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Weakness: || His Temper || He is Incredibly Reckless ||
Orange Cream Bullet Allergic to Silver: Yes

Human Details

Pawprint Bullet: Yellow Race: English/American
Star Yellow Height: 6 ft 4
Orange Dot Bullet - F2U! Eye Color: Golden Topaz
Mango Sherbert Bullet Hair Color: Dark Brown
Gold bullet Any other appearance information: || Has Scars Along The Inside of His Arms, Over His Shoulders, and On His Back. All of Them Are Generally Shaped As Circles, Looking Almost Like Cigar and Cigarette Burns || Usually Has Stubble || He Has A Tattoo On His Back, Resembling The Scars Left After An Angel Is Stripped of Their Wings || Has Wolf Eyes ||
Yellow Bullet Personality: || Quiet || Lazy || Quick Tempered || Angry || Mildly Depressed || Extremely Polite || Protective || In His Own Special Way Very Caring || Impulsive || Selfless || Reckless ||

Wolf Form Details

+LoZ+ Triforce bullet Class: Bitten
Pumpkin Bullet Breed:  Gray Wolf
Pawprint Bullet: Orange Wolf Appearance: || Though He Is A Grey Wolf, His Coat is Brown, Most Likely From Some Sort of Cross Breed In His Lineage || He is Large, Very Bulky and Tall ||

More General

Bone Bullet (Brown) - F2U History:
    Kyler Reid Pierce was born into a very large family and a very prestigious one at that. Or on one half of his family at least. His mother, Amabel Lyon, got married to the large Pierce family by marrying Tristan Pierce. This family was very well known in the Werewolf community as one of the largest Werewolf bloodlines around. It was rare for an outsider who wasn't of class and wealth to join, but Tristan insisted so the family agreed.

    It was something they rarely spoke of and though none said it, none of them liked Amabel. She was as kind as she could be to the people and would do her best to fit into the family. When she became pregnant, she hoped it would help integrate her into the family, but it rarely did anything for them. They would see them more often to examine how her stomach grew but they never cared for her.

    When she became 8 months pregnant, Tristan learned a horrible secret that his wife had kept from him for months. After one of his family's more brutal visits to there home, after he had left for whatever business he had, Amabel had been to upset to console herself. She managed to call the first number on her phone, which was an ex boyfriend who came right back over to make sure she was okay. One thing led to another...and she wasn't sure who the father of the baby.

    Tristan was heartbroken. He informed her that after the baby was born, he didn't want to see her again. He couldn't tell his family of it, not wanting them to be able to gloat over being right about her being as bad as they had guessed. Amabel merely agreed and when the child was born she was gone.

    Unluckily for Tristan, who just wanted to forget about the incident, his family wouldn't allow for a child of 'Pierce Blood' be raised by some no name. They fought for custody of Kyler and won with ease because of the money they could spend on lawyers and such. When the baby was brought back to them, Tristan barely acknowledged him. He pushed him off on his siblings and family, not wanting to see the mistake of his passed. For a while the other members didn't notice anything was different about him since he was surrounded by the smell so often. But as he got to being around one and still hadn't shifted, they started to worry.

    A wolf with as strong a blood line as theirs should be a pro at this point. Showing himself off to all the others. But little Kyler never did. They brought him to there doctor, asking what was wrong. All of them but Tristan were shocked to hear he was not a wolf by blood. And if he wasn't a wolf by blood...he wasn't a Pierce.

    The family didn't know what to do. They couldn't get rid of him, but they didn't want such a plain child in there midst. So they did what they thought was reasonable. They waited a while, an extra few years of just tucking him away and hiding him in the background. Once he turned 5, they brought the child into the doctor once more and held him down before biting into him to change him. He screamed the entire time and once they were sure he was stable, they locked him away in a room to wait out his eratic first days of it, barely acknowledging him until he grew silent. When they entered the room, the poor child was curled on the floor in his wolf form, not wanting to get up from his spot. His father walked in with his grandmother, telling him he had to come with them.

    He didn't want to. The little boy's back and bones ached like crazy and he couldn't believe that his family would harm him in such a way. So he didn't move. His family wasn't impressed and his 'father' marched over to him and grabbed the scruff of his neck, causing the boy to squeal loudly. His father released him confused by the sound but he continued to cry and whine. He shifted back into his human form and they saw it instantly. The back of his neck had become inflamed and almost seemed to fester. It was the same size as the ring on Tristan's finger, the ring made of pure silver.

    Kyler was even more of a disappointment than they thought. Not only was he not a Pierce, but now he was also allergic to the substance they had never had a reaction to that made so many others weak. So they punished him. Whenever they could, they would press the silver into his skin, telling him to toughen up. It would be silver rings, silver cutlery, silver jewelry...Occasionally he would be burned by something and silver would be pressed against it. This has left his body littered in small scars, many looking like cigarette burns with there small and circular shape.

    This continued for years. Kyler grew up in a home of ridicule. All he did was wait and listen. The child like innocence drained from him the night he was bitten. He grew worried of everyone around him and just kept his mouth shut and this continued for years. When he turned 16, he was sent off to a nice school that was a bit of a ways away. The instant he was out from there sight, he ran.

    He didnt want them to know who he was. He changed his middle and last name and for a year he was exclusively a wolf, never shifting back to his human form once. During a hunting season though it became to dangerous for him and he had to switch back into his human form. At this time he met up with Euryale.
    At their first meetings he would have been quite cruel with her. Not wanting to be near her and not allowing her close to him. He might have joined her pack but wouldn't fully stay with her, only snapping at her if she got to close to him. This calmed over time and eventually he settled, at least with her, and was able to hold conversations and feel bad when he let his temper get the best of him. He eventually managed to get into the higher ranks before long and at the age of 22 he took up the position as the pack's Beta where he is content to stay for as long as they want him

Diamond Bullet Red Other: || Is a Bar Tender || Is Ranked as Beta || Will Not Speak Of His Family Often || If His Family Calls of Him He Is Known To Just Disappear For A While, Though He Wont Tell About Where He Has Been || His Pain Tolerance Is Very High || He Is Very Against Changing Humans To Wolves. If Someone Wants To Be Changed, He Is Not The Guy To Come For For The Job || Also Known To Hold Grudges If A Human Is Forcibly Changed To A Wolf. Whoever Did It Should Leave Him Be Until He Calms Himself ||

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